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Posted by Robert Burr on July 25, 2016 at 12:11pm 0 Comments

1999 Miata Build (Maggie) Update

Posted by DJ on July 25, 2016 at 8:00am 3 Comments

Got some work done this weekend. 

I ordered a Racing Beat NB Mid-pipe and it came in late last week.  I was able to install it and I happy with the new exhaust note, but wish the volume was a little louder.  The pops and bangs when you shift at or near the rev-limit (Set at 7200) are fun, so are the bangs when using launch control. 

I wonder which one will flow better (Top is factory, bottom is the Racing Beat pipe): I was able to borrow a friend's blasting cabinet, so I sand blasted the JDM (Yo!) "Flat Top" intake manifold.  Since it was down to bare aluminum, I put a coat of high temp caliper paint on it. 



Field Trip Suggestions

Posted by Kim P on July 18, 2016 at 10:30am 15 Comments

Ideas for field trips are mainly for the cooler months where we can enjoy the beautiful Florida fall/winter weather!

-Fairchild Tropical Garden in Coral Gables is a hidden oasis. But again, I would reserve that for cooler weather. I believe you can get at a group rate.

-Flamingo Gardens in Davie has free-roaming peacocks, numerous caged raptors (including a pair of our nation's national symbol), tram rides, a gift shop, and a smoothie/light fare stand.

-If you liked our trip to Homestead Speedway and want to take it a step further, I highly recommend participating in an autocross event. (Autocross is where you drive your street car on a course with cones and try to beat your time and other cars in your class' time. You are the only car on the course at a time.) There aren't any happening now, but I believe the next one is in October (only 3 months away!!). I have been racing for 1 year now (still technically a noob), but it is a TON of fun! Autocross is known…


Suggested Road trip in February: Florida Cracker Trail

Posted by Robert Burr on July 14, 2016 at 4:30pm 0 Comments

Florida Cracker Trail Museum and annual Cross State Ride. The Florida Cracker Trail runs from just east of Bradenton, and ends in Fort Pierce, a total distance of approximately 120 miles. An annual Cracker Trail ride is now held the last full week in February of each year. The ride begins at a site just east of Bradenton, Florida, and ends with a parade through downtown Ft. Pierce, Florida. Each day's ride is approximately 15 to 20 miles in length. The purpose of the ride is to draw attention to Florida's horse and cattle heritage.

Road Trips

Posted by Mark Gilbert on July 8, 2016 at 3:45pm 2 Comments

I know we all greatly appreciate the wonderful venues Lou and John have found for us to travel to on our monthly road trips. They have all been a lot of fun to attend. In an effort to help them, they request that club members suggest additional places they have been to that they think the club would like to include on future road trips. We have a great club and the input of our members is always greatly appreciated. Hope to see everyone at Sunday's meeting

Hello SoFla Miatas!

Posted by Macdafoe on July 6, 2016 at 12:04pm 2 Comments

Just wanted to create an intro posting with the hopes of connecting with my fellow enthusiasts. Picked up '96 NA last year, and recently have had opportunity to start working in the last couple months. "Mister Toad" is 5speed black base model with 136k. Below is what I've completed so far, currently focusing on getting Toad back to well maintained stock condition.

-Radiator, and all associated cooling hoses. Fortunately previously owner already performed TB and h20 pump.

-Heater core hoses into firewall.

-Replaced destroyed black top with new tan one.

-New rotors, pads & brake fluid all around.

-Replaced heinous chrome aftermarket wheels w/ 14" BBS off M edition.

-Redline differential oil change.

-Rebuilt shifter with upper/lower boots, and bushing.

-Replaced seats with boneyard tan leather M edition

-Reupholstered door cards in tan plaid.

Next on the list are motor mounts, Redline fluid for transmission, and bushings. The…


Hello from a new member.

Posted by Don Resnick on July 5, 2016 at 3:06pm 2 Comments

Hey, all...

Back in '94 and newly married, I was able to lease an NA in Montego Blue (loved that color)! One day I followed a guy in another Miata to a gas station when I noticed the SCCA magnet on his bumper. That move changed my life.

Like "Jonathan Livingston Seagull", I found that there was much more than traveling between 2 points. It is the journey that measure a car's soul. We here know that a rocking Auto-X run is much more fun than a low ¼ mile ET.

Unfortunately, life intruded and when my daughter was born, I was forced to give it up. Enter 6 soul sucking years in a Civic before returning to something proper in a WRX 5-door and a successful run in D Stock at my local SCCA club in Toledo, OH.

Yearning again for a convertible but needing 4 seats, I fed my hunger with a '08 MINI Cooper Convertible (non-S) modified with suspension bracing, an AFE CAI, and a Megan Racing exhaust. That vehicle brought me to South Florida (with a detour to… Continue


Posted by RON & FRAN NIEPORENT on June 30, 2016 at 1:44pm 0 Comments

The bumper skin is from a 1999 10th Anniversary Edition Miata.  It is Sapphire Blue with a half dollar sized scratch on right side.  No physical damage, just paint.  Otherwise it's in great condition.  Call me for more info:  561-371-1054  Ron.

1999 Miata Build Diary (Maggie)

Posted by DJ on June 30, 2016 at 11:30am 1 Comment

MInor update (6/30/16)

I have battling with the Megasquirt getting it operate correctly and this is what I get for being cheap and buying used.  Should have gotten a new one and been done already. 

Some of the trouble has been hard to deal with (Poor soldering skills from the original builder, that left a single bare strand of 12v wire loose, which made contact with another circuit causing the magic smoke to leave the Megasquirt) some has been minor configuration issues (resistor soldered in where one is not needed etc.).  I made some good headway and had the car running on the DIYPNP (Megasquirt) last night for about an hour.  I have the radiator fan working correctly and a decent idle, save the A/C operation.  That is my next hurdle, getting the idle to compensate for the A/C and not stall…


June Road Trip at Endless Summer Winery Report

Posted by Doug Q on June 26, 2016 at 4:00pm 0 Comments

Aside from a minor scare to Tammy and me on the road on the way home from the venue (see post elsewhere here on the website), the trip to the Endless Summer Winery on June 12 was memorable for a number of reasons.


We headed up from our meeting place at Dunkin’ Donuts on Gateway in Boynton on a typical South Florida summer day: warm.  There were a dozen cars in our caravan up I-95 transporting two dozen really smart people who appreciate the best sports car available.


While the winery isn’t exactly around the corner, it proved to be worth the drive!  The theme of the grounds, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, is surfing (no surprise there considering the “Endless Summer” name!), with kitschy wine labels, a very cute gift shop, and friendly and engaging staff.


While supposedly tours were not scheduled to be conducted on the day we were there, the gracious owner Gary Roberts provided one to our South Florida Miata constituency.  We got…



There are no birthdays today

Hi, I'm somewhat new to the region and was seeking some advice.  I've been using my dad's Miata ('99) and the rain rail needs to be replaced.  I took it to the Mazda dealer and he said it would be at least $1,000 to replace the rail.  I thought that was kind of high considering the posts I've read said it is fairly simple.  Does anyone have any advice on replacing the rain rail?  Or do you have a go-to person?  I would like to get it fixed sooner because the poor trunk is taking a beating.



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Comment by Ali on December 13, 2013 at 5:58pm
Rain rails are very delicate. Even a slight bend will cause your soft top to leak. It's not impossible, you just need to know what you're doing. Also, try going to an upholstery place that specializes on soft tops for a quote on replacing the rain rails. Most likely the price will be much cheaper than the dealer. For 1000$ consider buying yourself a hardtop instead!

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